Kilboy, Matt

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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should the U.S. Senate abolish the “filibuster,” the requirement that legislation receive 60 votes to pass? Y* Currently, there are 50 Senators who caucus with the Democratic party and 50 who caucus with the Republican party. the Senators who caucus with the Democratic party represent 40 million more Americans than the Senators who caucus with the Republican party - that is 12% of the total population. It seems antithetical to Democracy to keep the filibuster in place.
2. Should Congress prohibit states from requiring state-issued identification to vote? Y* When a state requires an identification card to vote, they disenfranchise thousands of voters. Unless a state is willing to meet residents where they live to make it easy to obtain an ID, then the requirement to present a state-issued ID in order to vote must not be allowed.
3. Should parents be eligible to direct a portion of their tax dollars for scholarships or subsidies for their children to attend the school of their choice, including non-public schools? N
4. Should the United States construct a wall along the southern border in efforts to improve immigration regulation? N* It has been proven over and over again that a "border wall" is ineffective in regulating migrants from entering the U.S. Instead of wasting money on a wall, we should fix the broken immigration system.
5. Should the U.S. Supreme Court be expanded by adding additional justices to the court? N* I do not support the idea of "court-packing." However, I do support term limits for Justices.
6. Should abortion be prohibited from the moment of conception? N* As a registered nurse, I firmly believe that healthcare decisions are made between a patient and their healthcare team. There is no place in the exam room for politicians.
7. Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use? Y* I believe that marijuana should be de-scheduled and regulated like tobacco and alcohol.
8. Should homeless and domestic violence shelters be required to allow biological men who identify as women to share restrooms, washing quarters, and sleeping quarters with female residents? Y* If a transgender person is in need of shelter because they are homeless or a victim of domestic violence, then they should not be further harmed or discriminated against. We cannot kick a person while they are down; that would be un-American.
9. Should organizations that provide abortions, such as Planned Parenthood, be prohibited from receiving federal funds? N* Abortion is a part of healthcare. It would be inappropriate to limit or block funding to healthcare organizations for providing healthcare services that their patients require.
10. Should Congress regulate social media companies as providers of information, comparable to broadcast news? Y